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Experts in Climate Change Migration

A team of consultants equipped  with sound knowledge in this industry, C2C Project Managers Sdn. Bhd has been offering cutting edge climate change mitigation solutions. With over 26 years’ experience, the team possesses the experience and competencies required to aligning any organization with the elements of a low carbon society.

All members of our team express the importance of this issue and impart solutions, knowledge and ideas towards this same cause. With not just local, but international expertise in our four areas of specialized services we ensure the best quality in our service and deployment. With expertise and passion in these areas for climate change mitigation, we at C2C recognize out team is our edge.

The personnel behind the work carried out, pay laser precision to detail and do not compromise on client’s integrity. In this industry we find it is the speed at which things are done and not at the type of things that are  being done. This is due to the common need for carbon reduction in the global arena that has called for efficient and effective carbon emission reduction measures.

Several of our people play a catalyst role in fueling the Malaysian Green movement, and are very well established in the Green Business sector with continuous interface with international collaborations in Malaysia.

We specialize in the Malaysian market due to the diversity, comfort and familiarity of this turf due to a number of  our personnel’s experience in this country. We have collectively put together some of the most honorable buildings of the nation and will pursue to reduce carbon emissions and strive to achieve our Prime Minister’s call for 40% Carbon reduction by year 2020.


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