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We are Climate Change Consultants

We are Consultants for Sustainable Projects & Practices focused on abating the Carbon Footprint of all activities of the Private (businesses) or the Public (Government) Sector. The Consultancy consists of a ‘3 + 1 Cluster’ structure; each one specialized in its own respect, but with synergistic connections to each other.

Cluster 1: CleanTech

Application of Alternative Technologies including Green Buildings, Biomass, Biogas, Solar Farms, Wind Turbines, Passive Building Cooling Systems etc.

Cluster 2: Policy

Research on conversion of existing (from ‘Business as Usual’ to ‘Sustainable’) OR introduction of new Policies and recommending Policy Changes to the relevant Authorities.

Cluster 3: Awareness

Promoting Awareness of Global Warming and Climate Change; especially through Cultural Actors and Community Events and Programs.

Cluster 3+1: Carbon Management

Carbon Management Solutions by the establishment of a Carbon Count Matrix, Measurement of Footprint, Abatement and finally achieving Carbon Neutral status.

Carbon Management

Together Everyone Achieves More

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Project Management & Professional Green Consultancy Services


LEED Compliance for Products

Smart & Cool Homes

Heat Sink Technology for Residential & Commercial Buildings


Sime Darby Convention Centre

Exploring transformation to a carbon neutral convention centre

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Green Design Forum

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Green Building Index

Green Building Index to be introduced in Malaysia in April 2010

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Green Building Rating System now available in Malaysia

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