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CO2 Neutral Website Initiative Asia

We are responsible for the CO2 Neutral Website initiative in Asia, the program neutralizes all carbon emissions produced from a website. We have agent campaigns where you can sign up as an agent and promote this initiative towards collectively reducing total carbon emissions.

Log on to : www.carbon-to-credits.com
Check out our blog : www.carbon-online.org

ECO2 - Local Fiesta

The ECO2-Local fiesta is to be held in a flea market style. It is programmed to be a 1 day fare on a weekly basis, starting sometime in May 2010 until the end of the year (35 events till end of 2010). ECO2-local fiesta is proposed to be held in the open parking area and open foyer of Casa Tropicana Condominium, Along side with the food and beverage outlets in that building, we are certain this will be a holistic and inspiring event for the residents of Tropicana as well as neighbouring aware communities. This event will become an iconic weekly attraction for the development and indirectly raise awareness and coverage of this locality.

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